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Scientific evaluation for paranormal investigation teams

Tighten up your science. Lithospherica provides free initial consultation service for paranormal investigation groups (hauntings, Bigfoot, general cryptozoology, anomalous aerial phenomena – UFOs or unexplained lights).

What does it mean to be “scientific”? Receive an evaluation of your methods and/or results.

Additional personal consultation is available to provide expert advice on communicating with clients and the public about scientific aspects of paranormal investigation. Retain skeptical expertise for advice on cases.

Sharon Hill has researched the use of scientific practices by paranormal research teams and can help in clearing up misconceptions and mistakes most groups make in their investigations. Do you want your group to be head and shoulders above the others in your area? Don’t rely on what you see on TV or read in self-published “handbooks”. This is a unique opportunity to interact with a science-based researcher to improve your strategies for solving mysterious events and give satisfying answers to clients.

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Lithospherica is born

Lithospherica is a new business owned and operated by Sharon Hill.

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